Mommy Tries To Nap, But Baby Has Other Plans And The Internet Is Rolling In Laughter

We know that life, especially with children is messy. It’s challenging, exhausting, and yet beautiful. It’s dirty little hands and messy hair; it’s a lack of sleep from a crying baby or a youngster who snuck into bed in the middle of the night — the little one that makes you question how one tiny person can take up so much space. It’s ignoring the dirty dishes in the sink to play a game and read a bedtime story, and it’s endless loads of laundry.

The mom in this video knows the struggle and she just wants a little break in the form of a short nap. But, as most parents know, babies aren’t exactly cooperative when it comes to sleep. Mom may be determined to rest but the baby is far more determined to keep her awake and soak up all of the love and attention.

She may be interfering with her parents’ sleep, but this little girl is adorable, and everyone who watches her can’t help but agree.