Dad Cries At Homecoming When Baby Is Able To Recognize Him With New Glasses

Secondly, after Brandon left for duty, Reagan, who suffers from poor eyesight, was fitted with strong but mighty glasses to help him see his surroundings with better acuity. His hearing was always in check, but his vision underdeveloped.

Thirdly, the tender moment between father and son becomes real when Brandon holds Reagan in his arms, and Reagan is bobbing and dancing around to his father’s singing, absolutely ecstatic to be in his embrace and move around to a familiar voice.

Just when things couldn’t get more touching, Reagan suddenly stops dancing to dad’s song and nuzzles closer to dad’s chest. The baby looks overcome with emotion, relieved that dad is home – which of course causes dad to crumble into tears. Brandon is crying tears of joy and love and has the Internet’s heart gushing over this baby snugglebug.

Click below to see the entire tender family moment, loaded with emotion from start to finish.

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