"The Voice" Contestant Performs Spot On Whitney Houston Classic, Reaches 9 Million Views

As the video starts, Romy jumps right into the middle of the song. We see the judges exchanging glances and comments as two of the four hit the button to turn around. The audience roars, and one of the interested judges turns to take in the performance fully. He looks dumbfounded, completely taken aback by her stage presence and voice perfectly suited to match the key.

Just as Romy’s reaching the crescendo of the chart-topping hit – that hard to reach part where the song really takes off – the singer sees it, grabs it and runs with it, her confidence never waning while she pushes her voice to the limit. The two remaining judges turn around and the crowd goes wild – so does her family behind the stage.

See Romy’s debut video below. No one will ever beat Whitney, but Romy comes really darn close. She won over the audience in this round.