Toddler Eats Ice Cream For The First Time And Experiences Really Funny Mixed Emotions

Ty’s face immediately squishes up. He lets out a little cough and then a huge smile as he reaches to pat the back of his head a few times. He laughs but appears confused, yet still looks up towards the tub on the counter, clearly wanting to try his luck again.

Round two, and his parents are excited to do it all over again. Ty gets another mouthful, and he’s laughing this time as he lets the ice cream melt on his tongue. Moments later, his hand reaches up to cover his front teeth, and his face contorts a little. But, it’s quickly back to smiles and laughter for the little guy. This kid can’t get enough.

By round three, Ty knows what to expect. He knows that with the yumminess comes the mild temporary headache – and the happy camper couldn’t care less!

Check out Ty’s funny encounter with ice cream – this is the beginning of a long and tasty friendship.

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