Shy Singer Takes Centre Stage To Perform Classic Song, Judges Leave Her Crying At The End

The timid 28-year-old beauty therapist stepped on stage, admitting to the judges that she was not only scared, but that she intentionally didn’t tell any of her family or friends she’d be performing on the BGT stage, so they wouldn’t know if she failed. Even her body language tells us the intense anxiety she is feeling, making us a little nervous ourselves!

The woman admits that she has suffered from self-esteem issues in the past and she was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t make it and people found out.

But as the music began, Alice transformed into a completely different person. The longer she sung, the more her nerves died down. She appeared confident and at peace. The more time she took on stage, the more and more impressed the judges got, too. It’s not every day that you get to see Simon look up at a contestant like in the picture below.

Right after her performance, she received an easy standing ovation and booming cheers, proving her insecurities wrong! Alice still couldn’t believe the response to her routine and she was instantly overwhelmed with emotion.

Everyone in the room was shocked that the shy woman broke out an utterly mesmerizing set of vocals. As the judges gave their feedback, Alice was in tears, and you bet she moved on to the next round!

While the singer’s nervousness was adorable on stage, we know how difficult it can be to pursue something that not only makes you nervous but has you anxious, borderline panicked. This woman is living proof that our anxieties and uncertainties, while at times useful, hold us back in many aspects of our lives. The only way to beat it is to push through it, although easier said than done.

To hear Alice’s beautiful performance, view the video below.